• Side Fold Down Ramp

    Easy to open and close, raise and lower, this ramp addon is capable of handling up to a max of 2,500lbs! It’s twist lock handles allow for the unit to lock / unlock quickly and raising or lowering is so simple even a child can do it.

  • Triple Transom Windows

    Spice up your buildings face and let more natural light into your shed with triple transom windows placed above the entryway. This functional decorative accent is a lovely way to give your shed a bit of personality.

  • Workbench

    Add workspace with integrated workbenches in your shed design. Whether you need counterspace to work, or to organize supplies off the floor, a workbench is an affordable way to address those needs.

12×20 Garden Shed w/ Ramp


Your shed can have multiple purposes. Storage, a she shed, a place for kids to homeschool, and so much more. Whatever your space needs are, this versatile shed can accommodate for them. With a plethora of possible customizations to windows, doors, ramps, benches, and more you can tweak this unit for anything!

Not Just For Functionality

A shed doesn’t have to be hidden in the back corner of your lot. Our designs are so well done that they can be shown off anywhere on your lot, even to the neighbors.

With numerous choices for roofing, siding, decorative accents, etc. you have the opportunity to ensure your unit looks just as you want it to, to match or stand out it’s planned surroundings.

Value For You & Your Home

Your shed will alleviate your storage needs, but did you know it can also possibly add value to your home? With such craftsmanship, our units are built to last and as long as proper care is taken they can look amazing for years and years to come.